samedi 22 juin 2013

Buenos Aires - 6. The Art Outside of the Museo

Besides boasting the largest collection of Hispanic art in museos across the city, including Kahlo and Rivera, capital Buenos Aires also has, what must be one of the most impressive collections of graffiti artists anywhere. Perhaps this is due to its dual identity as both a Paris and a camp, but walking anywhere can be a real visual eye-treat.

Painted walls, mosaics, spray painting in all the glorious primary colours as well as more muted tones can’t help but catch your eye. You stop to read local street history, and gaze upon small impressions of the centre. Each section of the city has its own unique set of night artists, and so to celebrate art from the ground-up, this installation of Buenos Aires is visual. Today, we celebrated and documented the city’s less known, but equally talented ‘outside’ artists:

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