lundi 29 juin 2015

Mâlain Diaries 2

Mâlain Diaries 2

Why H &M? Why Aeropostale? Superdry, American Eagle or whatever it is today.
I don’t want to be a mass-produced, global
economy, stock-traded

I long for
pain traditionnel at a Boulangerie
   closed when you’re done work, and sometimes
   on Monday.
ancient maisons and floorboards where Molière, Voltaire, and Zola walked
   at 5’2” with no electricity.
carved balconies with sunset views over les montagnes
   no ascenseur for hauling groceries
    or my couch.
a quiet cappuccino in the piazza
  10 to sit”.

No £80 Abercrombie & Fitch for me.
No. Give me
$1 McDonald’s coffee; free seat,
elevator to the door
head room
food that doesn’t lock its doors.

Bring forth thy hot-press heritage.

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