jeudi 27 août 2015

Mâlain Diaries 23 - New Millennia Job Applications

New Millennia Job Applications

There are 8 parts
+ 160 pages,
20 X the amount
of the apriori and if I
want to dig myself out
at 5 minutes a page
or 800 minutes or 13
and a 0.5 hour, then
I will work tonight
technically morning,
02:00 hours,
until a rough draft
is done that will need
to be edited – 10% less,
Stephen King says
144 pages that will
remain at 5 minutes
a page + 2 minutes
per page to add
evidence =
1008 minutes or 16
and most of another
hour. My regular
work is added on top
of this toil to find
new work so 10 or
20 minutes sleep
between day bits
when no 1 is looking.
1 lb. flesh for a
doorway I can


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