mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Chatham-Kent 5. The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet

I was born of blue,
of the waters of Erie fair
in the southern-most
bottom of this warm
opening of a new nation.
Born of the waters of
Mother born of the fast-
flowing St. Clair,
taking in ships and families
with her  - once old
then fresh;
slow and gentle pools
bay at its end signaling
the place to birth
and bequeath.

Grandmother born of the
Atlantic, a deep wide
sequestered expanse with
room to keep memories
afloat, or
let them sink to
the dark sands of Poseidan’s
private waters.
Where a commitment
must be steadfast
for there is
no return fare, in
this country of blue.

I was born of blue,
the colour that calms
my heart,  waves
that lull my thoughts, lovers
that wash me
on this ‘Blue Planet’.
ETs of red or green
or brown know us not-

just as Blue.

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