mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Chatham-Kent 7. Particles, Time and Threads

Particles, Time and Threads
On the occasion of the Thames Art Gallery’s annual Juried Exhibition (November 6, 2015)

“Look at what is there,” Sky says;
what emigrates from the canvas:
charcoal, oil, ink;
carbon, nitrogen, atom.
They are ‘pedestrian’ in their
until collectively colliding
and organically revealing,
materials in bloom,
flaunting their revelry.

They work as ‘hyper objects’,
forming, and re-forming
as rising fabrics
‘Banners’, boat
sails, fibrous
shrouds of ‘origami’
‘pools’ by
beach blanket

We carry worlds
with us
through this
material experimentation
to conceive
photons linking our
‘equilibrium’ to
Rotating the ‘super stratum’
of spectra.

Our Earth RPMs just once
 45 rotations;
 1 minute
1 glimpse
1 glimmer
1 ribbon
of life
is caught and

revealed. Once: White.

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