mardi 19 janvier 2016

Homegrown: For the 2016 Thames Art Gallery Homecoming

On the occasion of the Thames Art Gallery’s ‘Homecoming’ exhibition (January 23, 2016)

This January Gust of
Inertia has brought
to the Tender Stems
of your

It was here that
Mirror Mirror
showed you Odysseus
through Polyphemus’
silk-spun eyes;
or told
  fairy tales
each night before
a lush sleep,
like little Katzman
watercolours jigging
beside your crib.

Having your
‘Head served on a Platter’
only happened
in distant lands
like Kathmandu
or, god forbid,

No here, at home,
with these Small
Monuments to
your childhood
tales, you
transform the portrait
of whom you once
were to
who you are

Here, your
two halves
share the same canvas,
both selves focused on
Two beings:
looking you
straight in the eye

of home.

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