samedi 6 février 2016

At 12 There is No Mask

At 12 There is No Mask

He was grinning -
sans mask -
in a photo with
friends at 12.
He is laughing like
a boy
of the earth and sky
no reticence no
 albatross on
his back.
No bills
 hurt, lies
no cynicism
No one has
taught him
to shield
who he is.
It hasn’t occurred to him
Here in this moment is just light
air of
serotonin joy
atoms floating
time and place
in that photo
at 12.
At 13,
 the photo
is  posed.
He decides where
to take it;
what he will wear
who he will choose
to be seen
He constructs
his own Brand.
Who put that
first seed of,
‘You’re not good enough’
into his guarded
 Soiled his
free mind-of-possibilities
  with judgments
yet to be weighed upon

this guise?

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