jeudi 17 mars 2016

Thames Art Gallery's 'Holly King Project'

This May-June, 2016, the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham-Kent, will host the Holly King Project, an exhibition evolving out of the one-day creation event where artists, photographers, writers and musicians come together to create a single installation. Here are two of those creations:

Where Rhinos Fly
(Artist Leonard Jubenville and Photographer Reagan Smolders)

He chooses trees first
orange for green; white for blue.
where the earth is sky,
and ground an Elysian azure .

She selects screens,
purposefully disturbing
his inert, careful control.
where birds walk the earth
and rhinos take flight.

He threads a small string
through the scene, rewinding each
branch, rekindling the absurd.
where chimpanzees chatter
in schooners of Pi.

She adds avocado filters,
aligns the scene through her
two-dimensions and
his cellular sight,
where dark is illuminated,
light pushes forth a
cast to worlds yet lived.

[photo: Co-curator Sonya Blazek]

Juanita’s Babies
(Artist Laurie Langford and Photographer Mike Blazek)

Crushed, ice-
opaque cellophane,
sections of triangle light
chipped away,
brushed to reveal
soft pink limbs and
black nails pouring
forth from the Rive
Whether Juanita’s babies,
death camp, Van Winkle sleep
or Cenozoic drift,
they sleep,

they sleep.

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