vendredi 10 juin 2016

Glass Birth at the Glass Academy

Glass Birth

Inside the oven’s core
awaits molten sand and
cullet, broken shards that
have long since lost their
lives and returned to an ash of
soda and lime, gametes ready
for mitosis
at 2,200°.

Jason, like Gepetto before him,
gently gathers a gob of swirling
zygote, like honey on the end of
a wand, turning to keep it latched.
He dips it into a petit bundt
mould, giving it edges, a core
of ridges to form a heart
and life.

Colours are added from the sulphides
and oxides of the Earth: blue
from the cobalt, sun yellow from
the cadmium, and a red of
Mesopotania’s ancient gold

Jason’s gaffer pinches the ends,
pulls the soft swirls forward,
turning creation at the glory hole
to add radiant layers of a shiny
new epidermis. He strokes the
newborn head, limbs,
coaching it to reveal its own

Once gestated, iron scissors,
clamp and pull at her base,
water is added as the anti-
element, creating
stress.  Cut from her
maker, her annealing
convalence into
the world

begins again.

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