mardi 14 juin 2016

Tree Lung

Tree Lung

On the occasion of student artist Rachel Bultje’s installation, “Breath of Life” at Chatham Kent Secondary School (June 14, 2016)

I am what’s left of the Orange Osage and Ash,
their remains lie with me now,
post execution of their roots so
that passers-by won’t slip on a
falling fruit.

I am a museum exhibit of the extinct
Protectors of our health. Each
carefully manufactured leaf, once
healed 2,000 lungs
diseased with asthma, viruses,
exposure to the worst sort of

These limbs used to sway free,
filtering the oily toxins from
their families below, releasing
the diamond-clear air of life.
Now they are bound in this cage
crinoline, as an example:
What not to do’

‘What has been done’.

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