dimanche 18 mars 2012

Driving Back from Texas - Day 10 (Harrodsburg, KY, the last day)

On our last day of the trip, we stayed at Aspen Hall, one of the many, many large historical houses in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, the oldest city in the state. The ceilings in the bedrooms were as large as a castle's, and it was the first time the boys had ever stayed in a Bed & Breakfast.

The main questions from children when one first stays in a Bed & Breakfast are as follows:
Do people live here?
Where do they live?
Can we use the whole house?
Are other people here?
Don't the people eat with us?
Where do they eat?
Why don't they like to eat with other people?

We landed in Harrodsburg on a Sunday, which in the `bible belt`, like Stornoway, means that nothing is open except the local restaurant. Harrodsburg has stately, historical homes, so just walking around the front steps of the local churches and sharing a pop was a real pleasure. It also has the country music star Montgomery-Gentry and his new restaurant off of highway 127. Just built last year, this wonderful oak log building is towers in the middle of the Kentucky hills like a giant log cabin, although the local pub food could easily be reproduced at home on the fryer better and cheaper.

We stuck to our Bed & Breakfast – soon to be sold to a happy buyer as the owners say goodbye to Kentucky for the California wine country.

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