lundi 12 mars 2012

Driving to Texas - Day Two

It is refreshing to see a city where there is still one place left unravished by stifling insurance controls! We happened along St. Louis’s City Museum after an hour and a half into the tour of a pristine 1854 house belonging to the Campbell fur family. With the boys yawning from their Victorian St. Louis history lesson, we bumped into a wild spiral of iron grids and tunneled steel netting of dragons swarming with children, like ants on a Summer sidewalk popsickle.
City Museum in St. Louis is a tangle of girders and steel sculpted and welded with railroad spikes and tin and copper to form tunnels and trees and a labyrinth of climbing possibilities.  The entire world reminded me of a steel Dr. Seuss or Edward Tinkl. And with all of the endless exploring: empty stomachs and annoying idiosyncrasies go unnoticed when minds and bodies are creatively occupied.
City Museum, St. Louis

Four hours later, with sunny faces and sore muscles, we walked into the Scottrade Centre to see the number one hockey team in the Western conference: the St. Louis Blues. The Centre is sold out. Street corners are crammed with fans holding signs, “We need tickets!” Men with beer and undersized blue and yellow jerseys with an eighth note on the front yell, “BLUUUUUUUUUUES”. It sounds like, “Booooooo”, but the effect is a cacophony of voices raised in the dual purpose of seeing goals and hoping for fights. Huddling around the players’ entrance, each of the boys gets a high-five from the Blues’ captain before their hero, #1 goalie Brian Elliott, goes on to win the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, 4-1.

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