jeudi 15 mars 2012

Driving to Texas - Day 7 (Wild Oak Ranch, San Antonio

Have you ever had one of those days when everyone you are with is tired and sick? Day 7 of the trip was that day for us. Niall had had a cold earlier in the month, and Seumas and I hit the peak of the virus today. It is hard to stay indoors and sleep when you know you only have one day left to see things you may never be back to see. Other children were swimming, biking, playing in the arcade, or riding down the lazy river in San Antonio's new 'Wild Oak Ranch' resort, but we were holed up in the air conditioning pushing the apple juice and building lego.
The 'Wild Oak Ranch' is right across from Sea World in San Antonio, and it probably the singular worst location for a Summer family destination - dry and unbearably hot, with no foilage, tents, or water to relieve the heat, even in March, I cannot imagine how exhausting it would be coming here in July or August!
  The rooms are designed for long stays with a full kitchen and living room. Most guests bring their own groceries, and we were no exception to this, stopping by a Texas 'HEB grocery store' on our way in. I thought the 'HEB' stood for 'Hebridean', after the famous Summer festival in the Western Hebrides, but it is simply short for the owner's initials: H.E.B.
 Tomorrow, Day 8, will be a day of road travel, passing through the 'great state of Texas' on our way to Tennessee, but most of the passengers will be sleeping through the scenery, recovering from the Texas virus.
One more swim in the warm, 90 degree pool, and we will be on our way home!

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