lundi 12 mars 2012

Driving to Texas - Day Three

In direct contrast to the clear blue sky of St. Louis, the rain poured along the historic route 66 all the way into Little Rock, Arkansas. If you are ever driving across country, take the old routes. The scenery, even in the dark, driving rain, is so much richer than the monotony of asphalt. Creek beds and woods, and small town stores invited us all the way through Missouri and made it infinitely more enjoyable than the ‘tallymen’ on the Ohio Turnpike.

Through Little Rock runs the beautiful Arkansas River, which surprised us, since so many publicized films of the South display poverty and drought. Little Rock is certainly not that. It is lush and vibrant and full of small shops and fish restaurants. But the boys Little Rock highlight?

“Here is your warm chocolate chip cookie sir,” says the desk clerk at the Double Tree Inn. Ah, men. So easy to please!

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