mardi 21 juillet 2015

Mâlain Diaries 15

Mâlain Diaries 15 - Upon Seeing Robert Dunbar on TV

A dried Zinnia
fell from my journal today
buried here 30 years ago this very
day, an icon of heart, mind soul full of
dreams to Glasgow Uni to be
a writer or to discuss like a
lawyer or to learn Gaelic
as he did, he that began
his journey the same
time I did 30
years ago when all things seemed possible
and every moment was one of self – stimulation and
pleasure in  life and who I was
at the core – who I was born
to be. He moved on
to fulfill that
my journey
bro ke


pregnancy no.1
then job, a need for $
confine no.2
3, 4                  who all had      split
life trails
husband  partner?

with  needs

withering  goals
parents ailing

                                                                them  1st


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