mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Mâlain Diaries 21 - Saint André des Arts

Mâlain Diaries 21 - Saint André des Arts

Elder wooden beams still
house these rooms.
New plaster
filling space by
white modern walls,
and bright contemporary l.e.d.’s
 - curios.
Ancestral rock eyes push through  ever-
multiplying empty pallids of rooms.
We were here first,’ they whisper.

Newcomers don’t listen.
They take
over. Strip the sacred archs and
irregular curves drawn by original
peoples.  Drill in
cut them back, space by
space. Encroach  with
strict, sterile lines;
90° white corners.
No variation

Wires and electricity
that buzz and lights
disturbing the long-
forgotten sleep extinguishing
night from day.  They change
the natural elements of old.

‘Erase recollection,’ they cry.

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